For his second stop, adam visited muzz and stan's freeway tavern where he tried a local sandwich called the wop chop, a deep-fried pork chop sandwich go to: ask encyclopedia · wikipedia · images · videos.  
Wop Chop Recipe

Muzzie feroni's freeway cafe in butte mt! blows johns away! plus they have beer. nothing like a wop chop (muzzies term for the pork chop.

april 6

Everything from 1954 to 1959: rock & roll, rockabilly, rhythm & blues, doo wop and pop. cool fifties recipes. here you will find recipes for typical dishes you would find served in diners and at baked pork chops with potatoes and gravy.
Adam tries evel knievel's favorite sandwich, the wop chop, in butte, montana. food network. top spring recipes quick family meals chopped all-stars.

Always regulars at the bar and the wopchop is still the best pork chop sandwich anywhere. if you don't know, they have a sandwich called the wop chop.


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